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142 Responses so far.

  1. Leanne M says:

    I like the one trip wonder beach bag

    leannemacg at gmail.com

  2. laurie nykaza says:

    its a wrap sarong they are so pretty to wear to the beach or pool

  3. Beth Hill says:

    I would get the one trip wonder.

  4. Peggy Greco says:

    I like the Townie bag.

  5. Kelly says:

    Love everything about Intials, inc.!!!!

  6. Sacha Schroeder says:

    I really like the one trip wonder bag!

  7. Lorna England says:

    I might apply the GC to the purchase of the City Tote in Turquoise!

  8. Tabitha P. says:

    I might get the City Tote – Turquoise

  9. Heather Poindexter says:

    Product # 2AT-149E
    Townie – Cabo

  10. Heather says:

    I want the City Tote! Love it!

  11. Darlene Jones-Nelson says:

    I like the town bag.

  12. melissa griffith says:

    Love the Hobo Cabo purse.

  13. Sheryl says:

    I would get a cool tote in Chocolate Mint.

  14. D SCHMIDT says:

    I really like the Day Tripper bag

  15. Judy Lee says:

    I would get the Town & Country – Gray Ikat,love it!!

  16. Anastasia says:

    I like the Townie – Berry Swirl bag 🙂

  17. jennifer horn says:

    I’d get the triple play.

  18. Shelia S says:

    I would pick the One Trip Wonder. It would be perfect to take to the beach or pool.

  19. happi shopr says:

    I would love the toiletry and flat iron cases

  20. Mayla Moore says:

    I like the Glam Bag

  21. Sonya G says:

    I think the get a big grip in Cabo would be perfect for beach trips… really I’d like anything in CABO!

  22. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    I’d like to have the toiletry case. They have some great things.

  23. I would like to have the Product # 4I-018-138E
    Picnic Tote Chocolate with Khaki Swirl Napkins

  24. polly says:

    I like the one trip wonder bag in the cabo print

  25. Nikki Krutz says:

    i would love the city tote

  26. natalie nichols says:

    I’d love to get the Know It All – Chocolate for our apartment.

  27. Les Johnson says:

    I would like the glam bag.

  28. Tara says:

    I like the one trip wonder bag.

  29. Joni J Caraway says:

    I would probably get the travel duffle

  30. I REALLY like the one you got the big grip.. It would be perfect for our busy summer of sports and beach time!

  31. pinky sade says:

    I’d get a one-trip wonder bag

  32. Wendy Pogrant says:

    Brilliant Bag – Mystic

  33. AndreaH says:

    I might get a Townie or Hipster.

  34. carla g says:

    i want the brilliant bag

  35. Rachel B. says:

    I like the daytripper in Tybee, the Brilliant Bag in Black Ikat or the Dish in Tybee…I guess I’ll have to decide if I win!

  36. Helen May says:

    The little beauty bag is really cute. It’s hard to decide. I like my bags! 🙂

  37. Andrea says:

    I like the Weekender or the Get a BIG Grip in Black Swirl.

  38. Jessica Snow says:

    I like the City Tote!
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  39. michelle koerner says:

    I like the F10

  40. Nichol Tone says:

    I like modern woman

  41. Carolann Leibenguth says:

    I would love the get a big grip bag and there are so many great fabrics I would have to do enie meanie minie mo

  42. Michelle Frame says:

    I would get the Triple Play in black

  43. shirley says:

    I like the Town & Country – Coco Suzani, might get it.

  44. courtney hennagir says:

    i think i would go with one of the all weather blankets for my sis in law!

  45. Lisa E says:

    i like the “one trip wonder bag.

  46. Sarah Hayes says:

    id get the day tripper bag in tybee

  47. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh I would love to get the purple train case!

  48. dawn k says:

    I like the splash caddy in berry swirl.

  49. Brandi Price says:

    I like the Townie and the Brilliant Bag.

  50. ken ohl says:

    my wife would love the city tote. thankyou, ken

  51. Lisa P. says:

    One Trip Wonder – Cabo

  52. Gigi says:

    I love the Cabo- Hobo.

  53. jamie says:

    I want bag with Chevron print so bad!!!

  54. Gail Evans says:

    hard to pick… probably the day tripper, whatever I’d choose would definately be chevron!

  55. Brynn says:

    I love the splash caddy in capri

  56. Robin Mongold says:

    I like the Big bin and also wall organizer

  57. JanD says:

    I like the 180 East/West – Chocolate Diamond.

  58. sandra davis says:

    i like the Townie in the black kat

  59. They have a lot of pretty and usual items. I really like the clutch and also the hobo. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  60. Maggie C says:

    I love the One Trip Wonder.

  61. I like the Off the Wall Organizer and the Get a Big Grip

  62. Stephanie Brown Eversole says:

    I love those zip around bags, especially the gray chevron print.

  63. Paige A says:

    I would love to get The Dish and the Off the wall Organizer in Tybee 🙂
    Checkout my Initial’s Inc page and contact me with any questions about Initial’s!

  64. nancy p says:

    I really like the Brilliant bag

  65. mary renshaw says:

    I like the one trip wonder and the travelista bag!

  66. kelly says:

    I like the city tote.

  67. Tiffany W says:

    I like the townie berry swirl bag

  68. jeanette sheets says:

    the townie bag

  69. karel says:

    I love the one trip wonder bag.

  70. Lindsie says:

    I would get a few zip around bags.

  71. Jacqui Odell says:

    I like the townie bag! (Well I like all bags 🙂 )

  72. J says:

    I would get the H3 Clutch for my mother for mother’s day.

  73. Victoria Carlson says:

    Love the train case! Such a fun shape and so many fun patterns to choose from!

  74. michelle r says:

    I would love to get their organizer caddy

  75. Michele P. says:

    I like the mini magnetic pocket and the organizer caddy

  76. The townie or hobo bags.

  77. Dawn Monroe says:

    I like the hand helf black clutch but If I won I would have to look around a bit more.

  78. Christine says:

    I really like the one trip wonder in gray kat.

  79. cole marie mckinnon says:

    Would love the convertable cooler in pink.

  80. Shallon says:

    I need a garment bag and can never seem to find one.

  81. Darlene Owen says:

    Picnic Tote Black with Berry Chevron Napkins

  82. fletchen says:

    I liked the Travelista but I’d also like to customize it with a cartoon cat on it. =^,^= Needs more fun.

  83. Velvet Hubler says:

    I would love to get the It’s A Wrap Sarong

  84. carole says:

    like this one

    Product # 2AU-142E
    Hobo – Gray Ikat

  85. brandi hawn says:

    i would get the one trip wonder in cabo 🙂

  86. LB says:

    I like the hipster cross body bag

  87. Kathleen says:

    I like the Get A BIG Grip in Black Swirl. Thank you!

  88. elven johnson says:

    brilliant bag

  89. Tamra H says:

    I’d get the Triple Play in Prism

  90. Sherry Compton says:

    I think the handbag organizer in khaki would be useful.

  91. Desiree Dunbar says:

    I’d like the Townie Bag in Berry Swirl.

  92. Anita says:

    I like the lunch tote

  93. Melissa S says:

    I would get the Splash Caddy if I won.

  94. kjasus says:

    i like the town and country

  95. Anne says:

    I like the Day Tripper, in Shell.

  96. Jen Gannon says:

    I would probably pick the hobo and a splash caddy. I love all of the products it would be hard to choose.

  97. Cheryl says:

    Maybe Brilliant Bag – Mystic

  98. Lillian says:

    Aqua tote or townie

  99. I think I’d get the Travelista in Black Swirls for my daughter!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  100. I would get Product # 2T-149E
    One Trip Wonder – Cabo

  101. kris m says:

    love to get the Hobo Cabo purse.

  102. Michele L. says:

    The Carryon in Berry

  103. Jill D says:

    My favorite is the Brilliant Bag in Black Ikat!

  104. Iliana R says:

    I would love the clutch in black!

  105. Liza Glick says:

    I like the trolley bag!

  106. nicole says:

    maybe the townie bag for a gift

  107. christine jessamine says:

    I love the city tote!

  108. Sylvia Zajis says:

    I would like to get the Brilliant Bag in Coco Suzani

  109. Dominique says:

    I really like the City Tote!

  110. Dorothy Teel says:

    I very much like this one – Item Code: 6I-018E

    Carry-On – Chocolate
    would be great for our trips…

  111. dianna breeden says:

    townie , hobo tote big grab or the picnic tote!

  112. Laura Smith says:

    capri splash caddy

  113. I like them all! So hard to choose!

  114. Kristin says:

    I would get the quick change

  115. Vanessa Vazquez says:

    I really like the off the wall organizer!

  116. melina r says:

    lunch lady in pansy dot

  117. MonaG says:

    I love the Weekender bag.
    Thanks 🙂

  118. laurie says:

    i like the katy bag

  119. jamie braun says:

    i would get a splash caddy

  120. S Carter says:

    I like thw carry on bag in black

  121. shari says:

    I like the “One Trip Wonder” bag item 2T, in Cabo.

  122. Sam Stamp says:

    I might get an organizer caddy or a big grip or a weekender! I’m not sure there are so many cool items!!

  123. Samantha C. says:

    The City Tote in turquoise is super cute!

  124. yvonne simpkins says:

    I like all of the items. Hard to choose

  125. Lisa Garner says:

    I would get the Item Code: 2AW-141E Travelista – Black Swirl!

  126. Whatever my wife chooses 😉

  127. Crystal A. says:

    I like the one trip wonder in Cabo

  128. Susan Broughton says:

    I like the purse with this #Product # 2X-090E and a matching clutch wallet

  129. Karen says:

    I like the Brilliant Bag and the City Tote

  130. Linda Kish says:

    I like the Town & Country – Black Swirl

  131. kelly mcgrew says:

    i like the wristlets!

  132. Misha Lynn Estrada says:

    I like the Original.

  133. Teresa Thompson says:

    I love the Splash Caddy.

  134. samantha s says:

    I would love to get the City Tote – Koi

  135. Stephanie O says:

    Organizer Carry in mystic.

  136. Laura P. says:

    I like the Travelista.

  137. AEKZ2 says:

    I’d like to buy the Townie bag

  138. Ellen C. says:

    I like the mix and match purse. Thanks!

  139. I’d like to get the Berry City Tote

  140. Lesley M. says:

    Either the hipster or the travelista!