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3 Responses so far.

  1. M.Clark says:

    The Cookie Thing sounds like a great product, definitely worth a try. Thank you for posting this review and recipe.

  2. Susan Butler says:

    The Cookie Thing helps in two ways. It makes the process of not overworking the dough simple and without too much flour, but more importantly if it is used with the process described not he website and in the instructions with the product about the refrigeration of the dough after rolling out, it makes a tremendous difference. The refrigeration process of the dough overnight will allow the gluten to relax and the texture of the baked item incredible. Also, if you are wanting that perfect “shaped” cookie to not go flat, the instructions clearly explain the need for refrigerating the cutouts for about 30 minutes before going in the oven. Just so the review is understood as being somewhat incomplete in that the instructions were not followed completely. Thank you! Susan Butler

    • Dena says:

      I did use the refrigerated tube of cookie dough to start, but you are correct, I did not place the rolled out cookies back in the fridge to “cool back up” so they were warm from all the rolling. We just didn’t have the time. But hey, cookies are cookies and the kids didn’t seem to mind the enlarged cookies!

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