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  1. Sacha Schroeder says:

    There is a Rusty Bucket in Gahanna, Ohio. It’s about 15 minutes from my work. I love eating there. Their food is wonderful!

  2. Kaci Guisinger Harrison says:

    Dublin. I travel all around Ohio for work and my main office is in Cincinnati =) Thank you

  3. Adrianne B says:

    Our nearest Rusty Bucket is on Lane Avenue in Columbus, OH, right down the street from The Ohio State University! Go Buckeyes!

  4. Jennifer Essad says:

    the Northville, Michigan location is closest to us

  5. Sherry Compton says:

    There isn’t one close to me, but the one opening in Florida is close to my son.

  6. Adrienne Gordon says:

    10 minutes away in Solon, OH.

  7. Carole Ingram says:

    Nearest location is Mason and I love Rusty Bucket!! Great place!

  8. Chelsea B. says:

    I live between two Rusty Bucket locations. Each are about 8 miles away in either direction. I’ve never tried them before but I sure would love too!

  9. samantha w says:

    The closest one is in mason, Ohio

  10. Debbie Flood says:

    Bexley OH – not where I live but we go all the time when visiting friends and family.

  11. kris m says:

    northville mi is closest to me

  12. The closest location to where I live is Ohio, which really isn’t close….

  13. Robin says:

    The closest location to me is the Rookwood Pavilion location.

  14. Natalie yeoman says:

    Closest is the one in rookwood it’s right by my house

  15. Jan Hammersmith` says:

    Solon Ohio

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